UK Local SEO Consultant proof results dominate google natural searches, images + linkedin profile

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UK Local SEO Consultant proof results dominate google natural searches, images + linkedin profile

UK Local SEO Consultant proof results dominate google natural searches, images + linkedin profile

I just thought I would check out yet another random email I received from another would-be 'SEO expert' and I spotted that her title on Linkedin was as a "UK Local SEO Consultant" so I thought I would check out her website and her own inbuilt SEO, and especially I like to look for Proof of Results… after all, if you're going to claim that you can Dominate Google's Natural Search Results, you've gotta have at least some proof to back up your claims right?

How do you get your website found online?
Let's be honest, nobody scrolls to page 40 to find your search results these days, instead we will simply change our search keyword phrase and try again…

And what about Google Image of Google Video searches?
I guess it's likely that a smaller percentage of your ideal clients are likely to search the video or image results, but nevertheless, these areas should not be overlooked…

I heard recently that youtube alone has more than 72 HOURS of video being uploaded every single MINUTE… that is simply absurd… that means it would take a lifetime to watch all the video that is being uploaded in ONE DAY!!

And the irony here, is that video is STILL the fastest method of DOMINATING the Google search results if SEO'd properly at the outset!

And with the ever-increasing popularity of instagram (now owned by facebook, and with fabulous filters built-in), Pinterest and snapchat, the visual stimulation and being found on Google images is even more important!

Most of us prefer not to read text, but to look at images (remember; a picture paints a thousand words) and video gives us even more content for our senses…

And of course, with more than 90% of the first-world population now owning a smart phone, and being ever-addicted to staring at screens, we MUST ensure that out images, videos and webpages are mobile-friendly too… indeed Google have now confirmed that they are no longer indexing websites that are NOT mobile-friendly… see my article here;

If you're ready to be noticed online NOW, send me a message for more info.


Search Google for "Above All Natural Results"
"First Page Ranking Experts"

and you'll find that I am not only at the top above MILLIONS of competitors, but I DOMINATE the results, and all the Google image results too… and I can do the same for you in any field!


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Winning Local Search SEO – Small Businesses’ Guide

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If your small business or consulting firm is locally or regionally based, you need to have your local search up to date, robust and working for you.

Join Vicki M James of Stand Out Results Marketing Strategy and Branding on this webinar as we go over how to update your local search profiles so that your customers can find you, FAST!

Learn how to:
* Increase your search traffic
* Be top of mind for your prospects
* Control your online reputation in real time, not in 2-4 four days

Are you giving business away to your competition because you're prospects can't find you? Watch this webinar and check out your business profile here:

Tech Talk Episode #77 – Tricks To Get Top Listings In Organic Search Results


This is Episode #77 of Tech Talk with Dan Harley. I talk about some tricks to get top rankings in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). What you can do to improve your web site’s search rankings. Why organic SEO is important your business online marketing strategies.

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Mobilegeddon and other finger pointing, organic search nonsense.


Susan Finch and David Kutcher of dove into this discussion as companies large and small are crying foul from Google with the new mobile friendly algorithms put in place for search results at the end of April. CMOs, SEO companies, Web Developers – stop pointing fingers. Smart phones and mobile search are not new. Weren’t you ready? What about third party applications you are using or married to? Instead of wallowing in “It’s not my fault, we only had three months to plan!” – why not look at it as an opportunity to REVIEW, REVISE and RENEW your site?

Highlights include:
00:23 Mobilegeddon is not google’s fault. It’s about what the users want from their experience.
00:58 Google wants to give the users the best search results – the best experience.
01:15 What is the differentiator between #1 and #10 results?
01:34 #1 gripe when searching from mobile is the results don’t lead to sites that are mobile friendly.
Browser vs. Search engines – the two have to play nicely to give you the best results.
03:38 – It’s the Web Developer… it’s the SEO company… it’s the marketing team… Who is at fault? ANSWER: THEY ALL ARE!
04:43 The mobile search market has really heated up in the last year.
05:30 Assuming you have looked at your analytics. Where are your visitors/searchers coming from? You need to know.
06:07 CASE STUDY: Cost benefit analysis. Local brick and mortar: butcher shop.
08:40 You never know when someone will pick up their phone for an immediate query they have. You don’t know when they have the time for this query that’s bothering them. They will go from searching, reading to calling or walking in your doors within 24 hours. THIS is the conversion we are looking for.
09:30 You have to be there for your customers when they want what you have. BE their solution, give them the answers they seek.
12:40 Even in small companies where one person or vendor wears many hats: media buy, design, SEO, marketing – we have a responsibility to know better and ask the question, know where their customers and searchers are coming from.
14:06 “It’s (website) is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.” Are you sure?
14:36 – Provide your customers with custom dashboards to serve their needs, or take them on a tour of analytics so they know what’s going on and have the answers as to where their customers are coming from.
15:30 It bit those in the butt who just put out a website and forgot about it.
They treat their website like a shingle they hang outside their business. They hang it and it’s just there.

What percentage of your traffic comes from organic search?

Is your website successful or not successful? Do you know?

16:21 Just because you have an eCommerce site with all of your products, you still need to TALK about your products – tell stories – tickle the search engines that you are active and engaged. The sole description in your product “more” needs to be more than the dimensions.
17:15 This is a wake-up call to all businesses if they are even paying attention.
17:30 What is your website about? What are you doing for it lately? It’s more than just making it mobile friendly. It’s about evaluating your goals, your marketing strategy, modifying it, updating it.
18:08 It’s a fabulous opportunity to refresh your online presence and get excited about your site once again. Your old mailing lists may be drying up. Time to find a new audience for your products and services.
23:00 Find out from your Team in a GROUP CALL: who is doing this, what is the timeline and we need to get this done yesterday. Eliminate the shoulda wouldas and finger pointing – just solve it.
24:00 You will have to most likely pay for these updates, especially if you have a custom site. The web changes so quickly, you have to be ready to invest to keep up.
24:40 You need to check in with your web development team at least once a month. It needs to go on the list with the rest of your marketing and sales duties. This is the cog in a lot of these strategies.
25:00 It’s time to get excited again about your website. Rebrand, review, renew!