Church Websites 101: Setting up Hosting and Buying a Domain Name

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In this lesson video, we'll show you how to get cheap hosting for your church website, and how to buy a domain name on GoDaddy. Then, we'll show you how to install WordPress and be almost completely done with building your new church website.

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What Is A Domain Name / Website Address (And How To Buy One)

468x60 logo on right side and green In this video I show you how to buy a domain name. I explain what a domain name is for and how people use them to make money online.

I this tutorial I take you directly to and show you how I create a domain name for my online businesses. I explain the thought process and then show you the steps to buying the domain name.

In this video, I give you tips on how to save money, and how to avoid paying more than what you need to spend when you need tp purchase a brand new domain name or website address.

A website address is the same thing as a domain name. They mean the same thing, it's just two different ways of saying it.

Domainer Elite Webinar Learn How To Buy And Sell Premium Domain Names

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How to Buy/Register Google Domains Name ||

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How to Buy/Register Google Domains Name
buying google domain name in the inter face ,
Google domain name services 2015,

Hi friends
today i will going to show ,
how to register/buying google domain name
so let me show also follow me

fast of all open your google crome or any other web browser
now search by keyword
then search your unique domain name
u can add of your master card address because next time u have a big problem for your area,
example : u can buy a domain with your payoneer account ?
so can add a address of your payoneer biling address .
payoneer doesn't support google buying domain name
but visa, master card, amex, discover accept
security code your 4 digit pin code
Expiration date put your card expire date
fillup full requirment then click to continue
and check your email ,
few minutes latter you see new mail for your buying domain name

thanks for watching
but please subscribe,comment,like,share
u have any problem so please comment below .

How to purchase a domain name from godaddy in HINDI

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Ask any question in your mind when you come to give their answer in 24 hours
How to Buy a Domain Name and Setup with GoDaddy

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