Top 10 Experts of igaming and affiliate marketing

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i-Gaming / e-Gaming experts and affiliate marketers within the iGaming niche are brought together to create the World’s first “Top 10 Experts of i-Gaming and Affiliate Marketing” video. Follow us here to learn how be on our next interview panel and for other original updates on the industry. Interviews are listed by time below. Video by
Interview 1: 0:57 to 03:58
Coreen, an affiliate marketer on the team, talks about what traffic wants to see, and what affiliates can do to ensure authenticity of casino operator reviews.
Interview 2: 04:02 to 8:44
The affiliate manager perspective is delivered by EnergyCasino Affiliate Manager Norbert A.V. Also discussed is online V’s offline affiliate marketing and the current level of competitiveness in the niche.
Interview 3: 08:50 to 10:46
Elvis Džombić from large i-Gaming employer talks about “worker to worker” a new i-Gaming work practice being implemented in unemployment black-spot Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Interview 4: 10:50 to 13:47
Payments specialist Michael C.G Charalambides from discusses the significance of developments in Micropayments for e-gaming businesses, and the main payment issues faced by affiliates and casino operators.
Interview 5: 13:55 to 16:05
The release of new specific to the industry domain extensions is discussed by Johnny Legge of – New Gtld program phases and the significance of existing trademarks are covered.
Interview 6: 16:10 to 18.10
Michelle Spiteri from discusses how to ensure connection takes place with customers, operator language strategy and content management within the Igaming industry.
Interview 7: 18:14 to 22:00 Founder Michael Corfman joins us to discuss current issues facing affiliates including Hack Attacks, Webmasters Anonymity and the provision of transparency in a sometimes dark industry.
Interview 8: 22:09 to 22:33
Affiliate Webmaster Mitko Atanasov of talks about what it takes for new affiliate marketers to make it in the industry.
Interview 9: 22:37 to 24:40
Jelena Isakov of discusses the creation of this organization to act as a watchdog for the industry, which acts as a mediator between gamers and gaming businesses like online casinos.
Interview 10: 24:48 to 26:41
Michael the owner of affiliate business reminisces on his first earned affiliate income, the link between effort and reward and how affiliates can attract traffic in this highly competitive market.