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How to Rank YouTube Videos Using SEO in 2017 – 12 Tactics

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How to rank YouTube videos using SEO in 2017 with 12 effective tactics. Go to http://selfmadesuccess.com/rank-youtube-videos-seo/ for video notes, related content, and helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, I'll show you how to rank YouTube videos using SEO tactics that work extremely well. You may have heard from top YouTubers that there has been some kind of algorithm update or something that has hurt many channels in terms of views, subscribers, and revenue. The thing about these algorithm updates is they all follow a trend towards user-friendliness and quality. YouTube is not trying to screw people over, they are just trying to make search results better for users. That being said, if you know SEO and use the tactics I teach you in this video, you should never have any trouble ranking and getting plenty of traffic to your channel. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! https://www.facebook.com/mrjustinbryant

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5 Tips for Video SEO – How to Rank Your Videos Insanely High In Youtube?

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Do you want to get high Youtube rankings with your videos? Enjoy the pleasure of having thousands upon thousand of views, more subs and make a lot more money, while working less but more smartly?

Then don't look any further because in this video, you'll learn 5 secrets to rank your videos in Youtube search engine for competitive terms.

What Are Youtube Ranking Factors?

If want your videos to perform well inside of Youtube then you must understand how their ranking system works… This includes:

Always Provide High-Quality Content

I can't stress this part enough! You won't ever rank your videos well if you don't offer good content to your viewers. If people go to your video and it's complete garbage then they'll immediately leave. This means, you won't increase the factors that are important for your video to rank well inside of Youtube, such as:

– Watch time – The time someone spends watching your video. If people are wasting a lot of time inside of your video then you're certainly providing good quality content. As a result, your video will receive more visibility inside of Youtube search engine.

– Shares, likes, comments – You'll boost the amount of engagement signals your videos gets by providing good content.

How to Rank Videos?

Popular channels have a big amount of subs and this is one of the biggest reasons why they have an easier time ranking for competitive search terms. In other words, each time they publish a new video a portion of their subs immediately watches it. As a result, they instantly boost their video's watch time, and other engagement aspects.

Anyway, if your channel is new or has few subs then you don't have the same opportunity! But yet, you must find another way to get people to watch your video. One of the most powerful methods is to focus on multiple secondary search terms.

See a video can rank not only for on search term but instead for several ones at the same time. For this reason, you can focus on several secondary search terms, which are less competitive and a lot easier for your new videos to rank.

As you rank for them, you'll start getting some traffic, which will help your video gain more influence inside of Youtube and eventually rank for your main search term.

How to SEO Your Videos?

1- Choose at least on main search term to focus on the long-term; and 8 to 10 secondary search terms, which you can easily start ranking your new video.

2- Always include your mains search term inside your video title. Also don't forget to add several other secondary ones. Typically, my title may target 5 or more search terms at a time.

3- Insert search terms spread throughout your description in a way that looks natural to read.

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Video Time Stamp

Introduction – 0:00
High-Quality Content – 2:00
Thumbnails – 6:32
Find good search terms – 7:32
Secret Formula – 11:22
4 Ways to Find Search Terms – 15:56
SEO for Videos – 20:49
Video marketing – 26:00
Social Media Networks – 28:40
Facebook Ads – 39:40
Ending – 41:15

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Youtube Video Ranking – Rank On The FIRST PAGE of Youtube In LESS THAN 24 HOURS

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How To Make Money Through Your Youtube Videos: http://6IXFIGURECOACHING.COM

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Youtube Ranking. Rank on the first page of youtube in less than 24 hours.

For more training go to: http://Trainuptorankup.com

If you're trying to rank a video on Youtube this step by step guide will help you get your video ranked on the first page of the Youtube search engines.

Why does being ranked on the first page of Youtube matter?

(1) YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google (bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask combined).

(2) YouTube broadcasts about 1/3 of the U.S.’s multimedia entertainment.

(3) Every second there are 46,296 YouTube videos being viewed all around the world.

On top of all that if your video is ranked on the first page of Youtube you will receive a considerable amount of traffic to what ever you're promoting to the market place. If you don't even bother to rank your video you have a 0% chance of driving any traffic to your product.

Here is the step by step guide to getting your Youtube Ranking as high as possible with Youtube SEO!

(1) KEYWORD RESEARCH (Google Keyword Planner)

a. At least 500 monthly searches
b. 5,000 or less “exact” matches on Youtube
c. 100,000 or less “exact” matches on Google

(2) Say the keyword in the FIRST and LAST 10 seconds of the video.

(3) Save the video file using the keyword

(4) While the video is uploading on Youtube

a. Update the title to something catchy (Make sure the keyword is in the title)
b. Write a 300-500 word description, peppering the text with your keyword.
c. Write 5-8 varieties of the keyword at the bottom of the description.
d. Copy and paste the keywords used in steps 4C as “Tags” for the video.
e. Click save

(5) After the video is uploaded/processed

a. Add annotations using the keyword
b. Add caption file using keywords. Disable Auto-caption file
c. Go to Pingler.com and ping your URL.
d. Open multiple windows in your browser and run your video multiple times in each window
e. Get as many full views, comments, thumbs up as possible!
i. Ask people you know to help out (Share on social media)
ii. Join a video syndication group on Facebook
iii. At your own risk spend a few bucks on Fiverr.com
f. Build a playlist of related high view count videos, and insert your video into the playlist. (make sure to name the playlist with your keyword)

(6) Use a social back linking site for high quality back-links. Google LOVES this

a. Click the link below to create your account.


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