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Build a successful web presence with Google Search (Google I/O ’18)

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Google Search can be a great source of traffic to any website. This talk will highlight ways to build out a site's presence in Search, be it for yourself or for others, through hosting platforms, content management systems, or plugins. Learn about the best practices, tools, structured data, and APIs to make it easier to work with new and updated pages over the whole content lifecycle.

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How to Add Structured Data to WordPress

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How to Add Structured Data to WordPress manually utilizing typical core template files. Code snippets as shown in the video is here:

This video tutorial highlights Google Structured data semantics which are now officially supported by Google.

To learn more about how Google uses this feature visit:

Although it is not part of Google ranking algorithm, Structured Data (Microdata, RDFa and LD+JSON (Linked Data Javascript Object Notation)) allows search engines to better understand your website’s content which in return naturally will help your Google rankings (whether organic or paid).

This video tutorial session “How to Add Structured Data to WordPress” will take you through each step and demonstrate core ideas and samples to markup WordPress theme HTML template files (header.php index.php footer.php archive.php search form markup and others).

The level of knowledge required to follow through these instructions are “intermediate”

If you are looking for other perhaps easier methods to marking up your web page content, you can use Google Webmaster Tools feature called Data Highlighter.

To learn how to use this tool watch this video: https://youtu.be/00Xd4d_UW5U

I encourage you to share this how to video using this URI: https://youtu.be/kQvZzVIFSWk

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SEO Suchkonsole Schritt für Schritt 50min / SEO #03

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SEO mit der Google Search Console (ehemals Webmaster Tools) kann am Anfang etwas schwierig sein, weil sich viele denken: Was soll ich damit. Wenn man die Search Console aber richtig nutzt, kann man prima SEO damit machen!

In diesem Video lernst du:

– Wie man seine Seite in der Search Console analysiert
– Mit bezug auf den Adwords Keyword Planner
– Wie man eine Sitemap einreicht
– Wie man eine Sitemap aus der robots.txt referenziert
– Wie man eine Sitemap erstellt
– Wie man eine robots.txt im WordPress erstellt
– Wie man eine Seite bei Google einreicht
– Wie man die Webmaster Tools für Potenzialanalysen benutzt
– Wie man in der Search Console das Ranking erkennt (für Keywords)

und viel mehr!

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Viel Spaß mit Impressionen in diesem SEO Tutorial auf Deutsch.

WordPress Website Design Tutorial For Beginners (Part 1) | Buying Domain Name & Hosting + Install

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Website Hosting (SiteGround):
Domain Names (Namecheap):
Wordpress Website Themes (Themeforest):

WordPress Website Design Tutorial For Beginners (Part 1)

In this WordPress Website Design Tutorial, I go over step-by-step how to buy a domain name, how to set up website hosting, and how to install WordPress.

Check it out and drop me any questions or comments you have below!

Stay tuned for Part 2 which will cover: buying a theme, installing a theme, adding your logo to your website, adding products to your website, customizing your website, and more!

Thanks for watching and STAY LIMITLESS!

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