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An Introvert’s Guide To Getting Clients & Networking— Ep2

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How do I get clients if I'm shy and introverted? I want to get more clients. How do I bring in more clients. How do I get that first meeting?

On going series w/ Rebecca Heinemann. This is episode 2 in the series.

CraftWell Studios

Ole's Case Study referenced in video

00:32 Q: How do I bring in more clients and get that first meeting?
01:16 Q: What is the average size of engagement size per project?
02:15 Q: Who do you bump into on a day to day basis (attorneys, financial advisors, etc)
02:41 Q: What accounts/clients does your accountant manage?
03:30 Always Be Looking
04:21 The money tends to be on the boring side, while the fun projects tend to bring in less money.
05:32 Starting over: Investigate the professional circles around you and reach out to them.
06:40 Set up some killer spec design projects on Behance
07:38 Q: What are your activities, hobbies, and interests?
08:45 You can find business opportunities for networking based on the interests that you have.
09:25 Everyone looks for the big brands to work with. Reach out to smaller businesses, and work your way up.
12:43 Find people within your social circle to build rapport with.
13:35 Q: How do you typically get your clients?
16:36 My urgency for a sale is not the clients' problem. Their urgency to fill a need is my problem
17:15 Continuously creating amazing content leads to business development
18:09 Q: When blind first got started, how did you do business development?
20:07 Summary
20:34 Forget about trying to get new business. Create value.

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