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MCQBushcraft Coastal Trotline Fishing

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I spent a few days by the coast hunting and fishing and I demonstrate in this video a static and legal method of fishing when looking to provide food for yourself.

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If your interested in Bushcraft & Survival skills, fishing, hunting, fire lighting, plants & mushrooms, camp cooking, shelter building, self reliance, wilderness & primitive living skills, weaving plant fibers, knives, axes, saws and maintaining these tools in the field and much much more then check out my channel page below for playlists and more videos.

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Ford Focus RS Showdown – Golf R, STI, Evo X – Everyday Driver

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The Focus RS is a car of expectation and history, but it drops into a market that does have excellent competition. We gathered the three other AWD, 300hp cars available for around $40k, and went to a favorite road in search of fun. That means we dusted off an Evo X to stand alongside the Golf R and enduring STI in this showdown with the shiny new, nitrous blue, RS.

Rarely have we been this excited for a comparison. And after driving them back to back, the results were not what we expected.

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