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TC 030: Matt Stack – Succesful Local SEO & Lead Generation Site Marketer

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We first heard about Matt Stack from a different podcast where he shouted out Joe Troyer and Analytical Call Tracking. After hearing the success he's been having we knew we had to have him on.

Matt Stack is having great success with lead generation and local SEO for businesses and covers it in detail with us on the podcast. He was even kind enough to discuss the niches he's had success with.

We discussed…

What's worked for him
Where he struggled initially
How to choose your 'perfect' niche include 5 different factors
How to vet your niche and research it deeper
Ranking sites and generating traffic
The sneaky way he gets 3 businesses to compete for his business
What makes an ideal client
His pricing model and recent high ticket upsell
Advice for others who hasn't broken through
We even discuss his recent trip to Mexico where he met his new business partner.

How to do LinkedIn Lead Generation with a $0 Budget

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LinkedIn is an excellent place to get started on your journey of winning SEO clients and generating leads. Competing with others on Google is a difficult environment in which to win so why not consider LinkedIn SEO and LinkedIn Lead Generation?

This is what Deepak of Pearl Lemon did and in this webinar, you'll hear Deepak talk of his experiences of optimizing his profile for SEO and building a business around LinkedIn.

So in search of alternative marketing methods, free-marketing on LinkedIn has lead to Deepak ultimately generate weekly inbound leads from business owner’s that had cash to spend in the region of $500-$5,000 USD per month. This webinar will show you EXACTLY how he did it.


03:10 Deepak Shukla introduces his story
04:55 Why I favor LinkedIn over Google
06:51 Do I use the premium account or free?
08:24 How to ACTUALLY start using LinkedIn
09:36 The problem with your profile picture
10:11 Why your headline isn’t appropriate
12:50 How I’ve built my profile
14:42 Mistakes you should AVOID making when starting out:
18:18 The key components of your LinkedIn profile
19:17 Improving your LinkedIn profile structure
20:54 Writing CTA in your rich media
22:24 Why I changed all my job titles
25:00 What does social proof actually mean and how do we add it?
27:27 What to do with adding connections
28:26 How to engage with people on LinkedIn (screen share)/LinkedIn lead generation
31:07 Textexpander on LinkedIn
34:23 The program I use to expand text
36:05 Examples of how I write posts on LinkedIn and why
40:10 How I generate leads via messaging
44:30 1st LinkedIn live audit
47:49 2nd LinkedIn live audit
50:55 What to do with your profile cover

Ranking the pro way – SEO & Link Building Webinar with Vinay Goud

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You probably know him & his website alltechtricks.org, & you probably know that he is ranking for most competitive keywords with ease. But what you probably don’t know is he has got many more such websites & he’s doing better than what we can imagine.

Yes we are talking about the young sensation of the SEO World – Vinay Goud. He is one of the driving forces behind event blogging & he has been a part of hugely successful projects.

After some follow up, we finally got the chance where he himself will take one full session on SEO & Link building, and share his techniques, how he ranks, & how he makes a great amount of money with ease (though he is also a lot hardworking & dedicated, which is really required in SEO today).

The magic of these webinars is that the experts will come & they will open their success strategies, which is the most unique thing about BlogwithJags!

So here we go! 7th november, 2014 is the date when we will have him live on blogwithjags.com! You can ask him any question you want at the end of the session in Question – Answer slot.

Top 3 Highly In-Demand Job Opportunities for Freshers in 2019

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If you want to become a Java full stack developer and land an IT job in the next 6 months then spend just 15 minutes listening to our experts. Click here to know more: http://bit.ly/2T1cibf

In this live session, our experts will discuss the top 3 highly in-demand and highest-paying job opportunities for freshers in 2019. We have hand-picked these job opportunities after doing a thorough market analysis and getting unique insights from industry experts. We know what you want the most – the PAY PACKAGE. We will also touch upon how much you can make as a fresher in each of these career paths.

We will not only tell you the three best job opportunities for you as a fresher in 2019 but, also tell you about the prerequisite skills that you need for each of these jobs and how you can pick them up.

At the end of this session, you will know the top recruiters for each of these career paths and you will also be quite familiar with the career paths you take as a professional and the prospect of growth in each of these high-paying careers for freshers.

If you are looking for a career in Digital marketing as a fresher then you can pick up the basics of digital marketing from the following:
1. SEO for Beginners – http://bit.ly/2R8HnMZ
2. Digital Marketing for Beginners – http://bit.ly/2AaZ3xH

If you are looking for a career in Digital marketing as a fresher then you can pick up the basics of digital marketing from the following:

If you are inclined towards a career in data science or if you want to become a data scientist then you can check out:
1. datacamp.com: http://bit.ly/DATACAMP
2. kaggle.com: http://bit.ly/KAGGLE-DATASCIENCE

Complete aptitude preparation course – https://goo.gl/Pnnv2S
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