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Google Adwords Tutorial 2018 with Step by Step Walkthrough

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In this video, I'm gonna do a complete start to finish AdWords tutorial and walkthrough I'm gonna show it via screen share we're gonna go over everything you need to know to set up an AdWords campaign we're stuff from the very beginning and do keyword research to find good keywords that we should be bidding on then we're gonna take those keywords make some ad groups make some ads and I'll show you how to write powerful ad copy after that we're gonna do everything we need to do to complete the campaign including adding things like negative keywords I'm gonna show you how to do all this step-by-step via screen share in just a moment and this is actually a lesson from my adwords and product listing ads course it's a full course you can find out more information about up here or down below but now let's get into the actual video the first thing we're gonna do is obviously you need to sign up for Gmail if you don't already have Gmail.

You can access Adwords but after that we're gonna do some keyword research figure out which keywords to do and then we're gonna build the ad and talk about negative keywords some of my tips for that as well as how to review the ads and some different advanced tactics and techniques. So once you have a gmail account which I already do up here you're just gonna click on AdWords like Google AdWords click on there go ahead and click start now and there is a bunch of coupons online I tried to quickly find some coupons before this tutorial I saw one for $75 it's okay you can set up your AdWords account and always add a coupon later. So performance nut butter calm alright. So that's my website you put your website in right there I'm just gonna link it with my regular AdWords account that's one of the consulting accounts I did Keith Keith hammocks right there you probably won't see that screen all right. So it's loading up it'll just take a second here and this is the new view and you can switch to the old view which I probably will later on but for now let's go ahead and use the new view poke around here a little bit the very first thing you're gonna want to do is if you click up here let's see here. So this layouts a little bit different than it used to be the keyword planner is where I always recommend people start and just to give you an idea of my products because obviously depending on your product it's gonna be different how you what kind of keywords you look for is going to be different.

My product it's a it's a keto paleo vegan snack it's a macadamia coconut Kashi blended nut butter comes in these little pouches. So I'm gonna try to think of keywords that people would be searching for in Google to find it. So the first thing that comes to mind is macadamia butter maybe cocoa coconut butter if people are searching for these they might be interested in my product a keto snack paleo snack I probably just I'll leave it to those for for now and then we'll think about more as we go and let's go ahead and get some ideas okay. So this will do a few different things one of the things is it'll tell me the average monthly searches right here for these different keywords. So that's half the battle I see that keto snacks has quite a lot of searches and look at macadamia butter it's the the bids are really cheap. So this data is very important the bids are pretty cheap but at the same time there's not a lot of search volume the next step is let's say macadamia butter because that seems interesting to me that the the search is. So cheap what are people looking for. So look what comes up here that's some that's macadamia nut butter but a lot of it is well the first ones homemade macadamia nut butter. So the one negative thing is when someone searches for macadamia nut butter they might just be looking to how to make their own macadamia nut butter they might not be looking to buy it but this is a look like that's a company here and that's a company here. So that's the first thing I would do kudos snacks is another one that's interesting to me because there's not a lot of keto snacks and I want to show you an example instead of just saying keto giant snacks I might say ketogenic snacks and let's see if that comes up with a different result give it a second loads and look at that it's slightly different it's more targeted down it's and it saves you a little bit money.

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step

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In this video I'm going to talk about Facebook ads. I'm going to show you complete walkthrough tutorial on the different types of Facebook ads and by the end of this video you'll be able to start your first Facebook ad and hopefully do it pretty successfully. So let's start from the very beginning this is the ad Ads manager right here for Facebook ads and you can see these are a bunch of different campaigns I've run in the past. So that's that the top love level is a campaign from there if you were to click on a campaign you get what's called an ad set and don't get too caught up and what these different names mean it's not super important right now. So just keep in mind goes campaign ad set and then at the very bottom ad. So within one campaign you could have multiple ad sets and within one ad set you could have multiple ads and the reason it works is campaigns kind of the big top of the funnel in a sense and campaign basically means like what kind of ads are you running then within there you'll have different ad sets within the ad sets is where you start getting the details of who you're going to be targeting. So let me show you what that looks like right here a good example actually would be this one back here. So DIY guide lead generation.

So that's the the campaign is hey this is for lead generation this is trying to run quote-unquote lead ads then you can see here I have a bunch of different ad sets this one is us women to us women to and if you pull this up at an ad set you'll see actually that all those different ad sets are different specific targeting. So I'm targeting women to who make an income over a hundred thousand dollars and have interests that happen to be related to dance wear. So just keep that in mind you have campaign at the top level ad set on the next level and then farther down is the ads. So let's go in and let's together let's run our first campaign and it's okay if you don't fully understand what's going on yet it'll make more sense as we go I just wanted to give you a general overview of what's going on. So I'm gonna go to the ads manager I'm going to click create campaign. So if you're following along at home this is how you would create your first ad the first thing you need to do is create a campaign and then as we go down we'll create the ad set and the app.
So let me explain there's a bunch of different campaigns you can create a bunch of different types of ads you can run and let me explain what all these different ones are. So boost your post is a very powerful tool and basically what that does is any posts that you've had on your page for instance if I were to go to my Bdancewear web page which I'll pull up here in a second. So every word go to the be dance web page here you see I have a bunch of different posts like for instance let's say I wanted to promote this post I would use boost your posts that kind of campaign and do it like that and this is a very powerful tool I like to use it quite often I'm trying to see if there's a good one usually you want a boost post that already have a lot of likes that one only has one like probably not worth doing if I were to scroll down I'm sure I'd see others that have more likes videos are pretty good for that etc. So that's what boost your post does is it basically takes a post that you already have and shows it to more people Facebook allows you to spend a little bit of money to increase the reach of that. So that is something that we will definitely be trying out and there's a lot of value in that but I'll explain more in future lessons promote your page not one of my favorite ones but if you're trying to get likes to your page this could be something in the early stages if you want