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How to build a Compressed Air Bait Launcher for Fishing under $50 | FishingAdvNHF

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This is a video about how I build the Compressed Air Bait Launcher for Fishing, and it was done under Singapore Dollars $50.

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00:13 The Components
01:08 The Reducer Connection
02:27 The Air Chamber Reducer
04:53 The Air Input End Cap
06:30 The Schrader Valve
07:57 The Elbow Joint
10:19 The Trigger
12:17 The Air Chamber
14:59 The Home Test
15:05 The Conclusion and Video Link
15:21 The Launcher Barrel and Coupling
17:11 The Bait Launcher Stand with Rod Holder
19:19 The Electric Air Pump
22:16 The Ultimate Test
24:27 The Teaser

This project was quite easy and fun to have it once you done it, beside launching the bait to a longer distance, I intend to use it to launch my Long Line Fishing, not yet tested but it should work as well.

Below is the list of components and the price tag

1) PVC pipe for Air Chamber MR$ 9.00
3 inch x 5 mm x 2 feet
2) PVC pipe for Launcher Barrel MR$ 9.00
1 3/4 inch x 2 mm x 3 feet
3) PVC pipe for Launcher Barrel MR$12.00
1 1/2 inch x 3 mm x 4 feet
4) PVC pipe for Launcher Barrel MR$ 8.00
1 1/4 inch x 2 mm x 4 feet
5) PVC pipe for Joints MR$ 2.50
1 1/2 inch x 2 mm x 1 feet
6) PVC pipe for Stand MR$12.00
1 1/4 inch x 2 mm x 6 feet
7) PVC Elbow fitting MR$ 7.20
1 1/4 inch x 4
8) PVC Elbow fitting MR$ 5.00
1 3/4 inch x 2
9) PVC T-Joint fitting MR$ 4.40
1 1/4 inch x 2
10) PVC T-Joint fitting for Rod Holder MR$ 6.40
1 1/2 inch x 2
11) Coupling fitting x 1 MR$ 5.00
Outer Diameter (OD) 1 3/4 inch
Inner Diameter (ID) 1 1/2 inch
12) Reducer (Air Chamber) x 1 MR$ 8.00
3 inch to 1 3/4 inch
13) Reducer x 1 MR$ 3.50
1 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch
14) PVC Solvent Cement x 2 MR$ 4.00
15) PVC Ball Valve x 1 MR$18.50
Total MR$114.50

Currency conversion based on the day I purchased was
Singapore Dollars $1 = Malaysia Ringgit $2.61

MR$114.50 / 2.61 = SGD$43.87


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The Earth is Not Alone – Space Documentary HD

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Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLlYCwYnM3k
U.S. space agency NASA announced the discovery of more than 200 new planets on Monday, 10 of which are believed to be about the right size and temperature to support life.

Of the 219 new suspected planets to have been discovered by NASA's Kepler telescope, 10 were found to exist in the so-called 'Goldilocks zone' of their solar system. This refers to the distance between the planet and their star, which is neither too hot nor too cold to support complex life.

The presence of liquid water on these "rocky" Earth-like planets is seen as a key ingredient required for the existence of life.

"Are we alone? Maybe Kepler today has told us indirectly, although we need confirmation, that we are probably not alone," Mario Perez, Kepler program scientist, said at a news conference.

NASA launched the Kepler telescope in 2009 in a bid to discover whether other Earth-like planets are common or rare.

The latest identification of suspected exoplanets – planets outside our own solar system – brings the tally discovered by the Kepler telescope to 4,034. The number of worlds thought to be approximately the same size and temperature as Earth is around 50.

How to Build Fishing Jugs | Foam and Bottle Technique

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How to build diy fishing jugs for catfishing using foam pool noodles, pvc and bottle jugs. The jug line technique has been used for many years using standard jugs and bottles, but now there is a way to build strike indicating float jug that show when a catfish has grabbed the line. Since I am building these for the first time, I will be showing you how to tie the fishing knots and what line to use as well and how this technique works. Happy fishing!
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How to Make a Fishing Lure – Step by Step Guide | TAFishing

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This video features James Lanfear making a wood fishing lure that can help you catch more fish! He shows you how to make the lure from scratch with just a piece of wood. The detail and design of the lures he makes is truly stunning. Better still, you can get custom made lures to your liking. Great for big game fishing, Pike fishing, Perch fishing and many other species. We hope you enjoy this instructional video on the world that is lure making.
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