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[Day 10] Shopify A to Z – $5 A Day Facebook Ads Method and Training!

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21 Day Shopify Trial: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=oliv

Brand new Facebook Ads method: https://danbukin.com/new-fb-method

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Facebook Ads Case Study: My 10X Profit Ads Campaign

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See The Full Post Here: http://tinyurl.com/ads-campaign

If you want to grow your business, there is no source of customers that is more consistent and scalable than paid advertising. 

And while most people tend to focus their efforts on the acquisition phase of their advertising…

The most profitable phase to focus on is the loyalty phase.
And in my latest blog post, I’ll explain to you what the heck that even means…

And I’ll show you a case study for the campaign that’s made me $580,000 so that you can apply this strategy to your own business.

Video Highlights
1:08 The Prospect to Customer Journey
2:57 The Three Pillars Of Profitability
4:02 Tracking Funnel Engagement
5:20 The Loyalty Pillar
7:06 Loyalty Pillar Case Study
8:45 Ad Unit Targeting and Set-up
10:48 “Bought X but not Y” Segment
13:28 Communicating Based on Consumption
15:01 Facebook Video Ads Mastery
17:18 Engagement Audiences
19:44 Post Level Engagement Audiences
20:19 Questions & Comments
22:01 Post Purchase Engagement
23:24 The Skill Set of Mastery
24:25 Targeting Goes From Wide to Narrow
25:45 Setting up The Three Pillar Segments
28:10 Scaling a Winning Ad
29:13 ThinkActGet Podcast
30:15 Video Views .vs. Increased Website Conversions
33:10 Post Page Engagement
34:03 Zipify Pages
37:25 Optimizing for Conversion Events
38:35 Facebook Live .vs. Traditional Upload
39:43 Generating Phone Calls from Video Ads
40:49 Growing Your Instagram Following
42:21 Turning Live Casts into Ads
44:25 Zipify Pages Templates
47:05 The Six Week Sprint Management Course
49:20 Tips for Social Media
51:25 Facebook Video Ads for Affiliate marketing
52:11 Facebook Video Ads Mastery

Ezra Firestone
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Facebook Ads Strategy with Molly Pittman

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Molly Pittman shares some really common sense Facebook Ads strategies that you can apply to your business or brand.


You've probably noticed how much content we're pumping out about Facebook. That's because we've been getting a TON of questions about how to get the most out of the social network.

Molly Pittman, VP of Digital Marketer, is one of the world's leading experts when it comes to Facebook ads and Facebook marketing strategy. Today, we get a Facebook Ads Tutorial from her personally.

In episode 95 of The Dealer Playbook, Molly shares ideas about how you can 10x your Facebook ads ROI, ramp up your dealership business, and dominate in your market.

Key Facebook Ads Tutorial Insights:

Facebook ads are different than Google ads and should not be treated the same.

On Google, people are searching for answers to their questions, or solutions to problems.

On Facebook, people are there to connect with friends and family, or keep in touch with associates. As such, your ads need to feel like they organically fit into the news feed rather than blatantly disturbing the flow that people have come to enjoy.

Deliver Value at varying stages of the buying funnel.

Most dealership Facebook advertising focuses on the low funnel, ready-to-show-intent shoppers. Sadly, this is some of the most expensive advertising that can be done on PPC platforms like Google of Facebook because the competition is so high.

And with every dealer pretty much broadcasting the same message, capturing the attention of qualified buyers is more difficult.

But advertising to low funnel shoppers is still essential to winning business. It's just not the only advertising you should do.

Molly Pittman suggests adding more strategy on-top of your existing ads for those that are higher up in the funnel. For example, produce and promote content about the best places to take your kids on a Sunday drive, or the top burger joints in town is content that is share-worthy to the majority of people.

The goal is to get as many eyes on you as possible. That way, when they are ready to start car shopping, they will remember your dealership first.

To learn more about Molly Pittman and her company Digital Marketer, visit http://www.digitalmarketer.com

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How to Dominate with Facebook Ads in 2016

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http://www.DominateWebMedia.com The key to staying on the cutting edge with Facebook ads, along with what Brendon Burchard, Ryan Deiss, and Dan Kennedy have to say about Facebook and digital marketing in 2016.

Improve Online Conversion Rate, generate more business from your website


In the world of ecommerce, most meetings come to a grinding halt at one important metric, the conversion rate. What is the website conversion rate? How do we get it higher & better is a question that is debated endlessly. Are we on par with our competition or vertical? Many ideas start and end at this metric. With advent of new techniques, many ecommerce sites are breaking the mould and surging ahead with higher conversion rates.

• Interactive digital techniques
• Website conversion rate
• Elements that can help make a difference for your website conversion rate.