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How to Win the Amazon Buy Box & Get Feedback as a New Seller

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This video reveals how to win the Amazon Buy Box, and how to get Amazon feedback as a new seller.
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One of the best ways to attract buyers to your Amazon listings is to have a strong history of positive feedback. But it’s a catch-22, because to get positive feedback, you need sales. So: How do you get Amazon feedback as a new seller with little to no feedback?

The answer is simple: learn how to win the Amazon Buy Box.

The Amazon Buy Box is the little “Add to Cart” button on a product listing. When you click this button, you’ll automatically add-to-cart an item from one of Amazon’s many sellers. Amazon has a secret algorithm which determines which seller they feature in this Buy Box, and it rotates eligible sellers to give them their share of the Buy Box time.

A lot of people don’t know how to win the Amazon Buy Box and assume they don’t meet the criteria to be an eligible seller, but this isn’t true: it is a lot easier than you might think. Here are the four criteria you need to meet:

1) Your account needs to not be in actively bad standing.

2) You need to have the item in stock.

3) Amazon.com neet to not be selling the item themselves (this is separate from Amazon FBA)

4) You need to price competitively (within 1-2% of the price).

If you know how to win the Amazon buy box as a new seller without feedback, you’ll be at a big advantage. Amazon don’t reveal how much feedback their Buy Box sellers have. You can then gain additional feedback from these sales and build up your online seller authority and profile. This is important because even if you know how to win the Amazon Buy Box, you won’t always win it, and 20-30% of sales are made without it. Strong feedback will help you attract those buyers.

Need help on how to win the Amazon Buy Box? I’ve got some sneaky strategies you can use:

Strategy #1: Be one of the only Amazon FBA sellers for an item

Amazon prioritizes Amazon FBA over other sellers. They do this for two reasons. The first is that they obviously want to promote their FBA program as it makes them money and they want to encourage sellers to fulfil orders through them.

But secondly, they prioritize it because the truth is that Amazon are excellent at fulfilling orders and providing the customer with a positive buying experience. And if the customer has a positive experience, they’ll keep coming back to Amazon… making them more money.

So ultimately, it makes sense for Amazon to promote Amazon FBA sellers. You can use this to your advantage and find an item with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank less than 25,000 with 5 or less Amazon FBA sellers. Become an FBA seller for this item and price your item for the same price as the lowest-priced Amazon FBA competitor. You will then share the Buy Box time with them and make sales.

Strategy #2: Price your non-FBA item way below other Amazon FBA sellers

If you can’t sell an item via Amazon FBA, then you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Amazon don’t only promote FBA sellers, but they do prioritize them.

However: The big exception to this is on listings where the non-FBA seller is priced very, very competitively against the FBA seller. For example, in the video, I reveal an item where the FBA seller is priced more than 20% higher than the non-FBA seller. Because of this, Amazon has given the seller who is privately fulfilling the order their share of the Amazon Buy Box time.

And the great news is you often can afford to do this as a private seller, because you don’t have to pay the additional Amazon FBA fees. This means you can afford to list your items for a lower price.

When selling items for the purpose of increasing your feedback score, don’t worry about making a big profit: It is an investment into your future and it will help you make sales for other items that have higher profit margins because you’ll be increasing your seller profile and authority.

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How To Create AMAZINGLY PROFITABLE Facebook Ads For Your Amazon FBA Product

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Amazon SEO & Ranking Secrets – 10 Product Listing Optimization Tips (Experts Skubana & Asteroid Aim)

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How To Create A Facebook AD 2018 – From Start To Finish

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How to create a Facebook ad 2018 – From start to finish

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