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How To make a website in under 15 minutes with Wix.com

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Visit Wix.com to make a website for Carlos' mom in under 15min! Lol.

Wix – http://bit.ly/1yGOAkq

Los and I talk about Wix and take a tour of their tool, talking about how to use it, and who would benefit from something like this.

We like Berries.

Thanks again to wix.com for sponsoring this episode and keeping DevTips ad-free! ~ http://bit.ly/1yGOAkq

Visit Los @ losmontoya.com

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Video transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to exciting episode of DevTips, this is a unique episode for a lot of reasons. the first one being that I am not in my garage tonight, which is nice. The second one is that I'm joined by Los Montoya, I’m not alone. You may remember him from classic episodes like [CSS Basics – Cascades and Responsive Website Basics. So welcome, Los.

Thank you, thank you.

It's also a unique episode because we are not learning how to code websites, in fact we are learning how to not code websites. We are using a service called Wix.com to help you make simple and fun websites.

Thank you to wix for sponsoring this episode.

So here is the set up. Your mom calls.

calls you?

Yes, your mom calls me.

Your mom calls. An she is really excited about this idea she has, she wants to be a famous food critic. Her idea is, she needs, of course, a blog. That's why she called you.

You could do what we did and a few episodes ago in DevTips and start, you know, making a Jekyll Generated blog. The problem is: I'm not so sure your mom is so excited about running commands in the terminal.

Here you go, terminal. Have at it. Enjoy.

Another option, you could jump her over to wordpress land, but even then she is still going to run into templates and an admin backend that she needs to fuss with before she can get what she wants out of the site.

Yea, that's pretty annoying.

You know, I find when you increase complexity towards reaching a goal, people are less likely to follow through over time.

It's times like this, you know, mom isn't trying to learn template hierarchy, when something a little more straight forward, a little bit more simple is the best choice.

So what er are going to do is: we are going to take that example of your mom needing a cooking blog and we are gonna see if we can meet those needs using the website: wix.com

That's cool. She called you though?

We chat for a long time. She is really chatty.

Anyway you're probably watching DevTips because you have a friend or family member that called you up as well and said you to internets. Can you make something for me? And that is why you're watching devtips, you want to build something.

But there are ways out there to make things better simple and fun.

So I want to see if we can get this all done in under 15 minutes. Build your mom a block in under 15 minutes. let's get started.

Cool so I just locked into wix .com and the only thing I can do is just start creating, which is awesome.

So I will start creating right now, and the first step in creation is to pick up a template.

And the first step in creation is to pick a template. and they have tons of really awesome templates that chest, you know I'm sure we could find one for your mother.

She's a foodie so let's just do a search I guess, let's just search food. And that one looks nice, salt and pepper. Salt and pepper.

Wait, scroll down. How many? 10 pages? 10 pages of food sites.

So I'm going to go over, actually I'm going to go down to the topics, and go to personal blogs.

Here's that salt-and-pepper one. Oh, okay, this one.

I'm going to take one that's actually not a food blog because I want to show you guys how easy it is to take things and twist things around to make them work for you.

So this is not a food blog, but we're going to turn into a food blog.

We are in the preview mode, you can jump in and out of templates like this, but now I am going to chose to edit this site. And we are going to load the editor.

Unconventional Ways to WIN with Rand Fishkin | Chase Jarvis LIVE

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This week on the show we’ve got serial entrepreneur, marketer extraordinaire and SEO genius Rand Fishkin. Among other things, the guy is an online content legend, having built the legendary MOZ, one of the first online resources / communities helping creators optimize for SEO (yes search engine optimization…aka if you make content, it's helping your people find you on the internet) and now he’s got a new company you’ve gotta know about, and a new BOOK, called Lost & Founder – aimed at helping all of us creators and entrepreneurs find our way. SUCH A USEFUL BOOK.

But even more than the “what” Rand does…it’s the HOW he does it that I find completely extraordinary. Everything, it seems, has been non-traditional. From college dropout to serial entrepreneur. Join us on this conversational journey as we dispel startup culture tropes, ‘best practices' and fight back against “traditional” wisdom.

A few of my favorite takeaways:

* There are three key components to building successful and enjoyable content: build on a medium that you are passionate about, create something of unique value, and put the content where your audience actually hangs out. Sounds easy, but Rand is unapologetic and VERY helpful in guiding us you understand just how to get this right…

* It’s been a recurring theme on this show that taking care of yourself with good habits- sleep, exercise, and not overworking yourself actually lead to your best work. The idea that overworking yourself will lead to success and happiness is misguided at best. Rand has solutions for you.

* The most important things to be tracking from potential clients and followers are not Twitter or Instagram followers. It’s not likes or shares. It’s something else that is a leading indicator to be in control of your business growth on your own terms… the answer? Listen and find out 😉


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