Mobile Apps Do or Do Not Do

Mobile Apps Do this and Do not do this

If your company has developed a mobile app for your business and are launching it out to your customers, you still need to be aware of the Mobile Apps Dos and Don’ts. Being aware of the following will help to ensure that your mobile app and your business will continue to have success:

Do Be Sure to Update as Platforms Change

If you want your mobile app to continue to be used by your customers with no crashing, timeouts, or other annoying problems, then you had better keep it updated. Platforms are ever changing and getting new operating systems, so keep track of them and be sure to update your mobile apps accordingly.

Do Keep Your Mobile Apps Intuitive and Easy to Use

If you create a new mobile app, it’s vital to ensure that it is user friendly and easy to navigate and work properly. If not, your customers are going to ditch your app and find one that meets their needs. So, be sure to optimize your mobile apps and keep them intuitive and easy to use.

Do Keep Your Apps Simple and Working on Most Phone Systems

New versions of smart phones are coming out all the time with various improvements and new operating systems. However, not all users update their phones every time a new version appears, as this can be expensive. For that reason it’s vital that even though you keep your mobile app up-to-date, be sure it is backwards compatible with the older versions of operating systems. If not, you will surely lose some of your clients. device _mobile_ apps

Don’t Get Too Fancy with Apps

It may be fun to put cute animations and other sophisticated graphics and other things into you mobile apps, but these can make the app so slow to load that your customer will get frustrated. It’s better to just put in a second or two of some sort of intro to the app because your client wants to be able to get into using it as quickly as possible.

Don’t Make Apps with Low Resolution

These days most users prefer high definition graphics and video and most smartphones can accommodate them. If a mobile app has low resolution it will look grainy and bad on their screens and make you look cheap and horrible. So, always design an app with high resolution graphics.

Do Maintain Your Client’s Login

Smartphones are usually kept with the owner 24/7, so it makes perfect sense to only require your customer to login once to your mobile app. Once they have logged in for the day, let them stay logged in until they decide to log out. This saves time, and you can make things go faster like saving their info or speeding up messages, etc.

Don’t Use Cheesy Gimmicks in Your Apps

It may seem like fun for your users, but don’t be so quick to use silly and cheesy gimmicks when you create your app. For instance, there is a store that has an app that works when the user shakes their smartphone to activate it. This sounds cool, but it really isn’t that practical and can annoy some types of clients.

Do Give Clients Recommendations

Your Mobile App homepage is just as vital as the one for your business website. Be sure that it is user friendly, and that clients can use features like search or browse, etc. as appropriate to your type of app. If possible, you can list recommendations on what part of your app is used the most, for instance the app used by a popular book store lists personalized suggestions on what book to buy.

Do Make Payment Options Easy

If your mobile app involves the customer needing to purchase something within the app, make it easy for them. If your business already has a method of storing frequent customer’s payment information, give them a way in your mobile app to use it seamlessly to pay for products or services in your app. For instance, PayPal makes it possible for clients to just use their email and a PIN number in their apps instead of having to totally login to PayPal to pay for items. Get your traing here today!

Overcoming Digital Distress: 3 Useful Tips on Avoiding Online Marketing Overwhelming

3 Useful Tips on Avoiding

Online Marketing Overwhelming

Recently, many companies seeking to promote their businesses online have expressed a feeling of being overwhelmed and untrusting of their endeavors’ success. Some studies show that more than 40% of today’s marketers have very little confidence in their own online promotion campaigns, and almost 50% of them feel overwhelmed with the various required tasks.
Learning how to overcome these obstacles will not only assist you to improve your business in the long run, but also to gain a significant upper hand against your closest competitors.knowledge
1. Relaxing from the Initial Overwhelm
As a local business owner, you may have a lot going on day to day in regards to overhead, paying your employees and handling various other expenses. As such, online marketing is only one more expense; and when it takes up all your time and effort, the sense of distress can grow even higher.
It is very important, therefore, to step back and relax, let the initial shock of the distress fade, get organized, and get all your facts straight. After that, you can gradually start redefining your internet marketing goals and focus on specific, targeted tools to make progress.64
2. One Step at a Time
No one likes to take things slowly in a fast paced market, but the fact is you can waste a lot more money rushing into things. It’s tempting to jump right in and try your hand at many different online marketing strategies. But this is truly a recipe for disaster; especially if you’re trying to do it all on your own.
Instead of trying to do everything at once, start with small steps – tackling each problem in part – such as promoting your website on local listing sites. Then gradually move on to other methods, such as social media to try and gain an online following.67
3. Focus and Consistency
Taking small steps will help you make great strides in online marketing, but only if you stay focused. Don’t give up if your first two weeks of efforts don’t show profits immediately. Good internet marketing takes time, so you’ll likely need at least a month of consistent work before business starts picking up as a result.
Generating business from local consumers can be a huge struggle in today’s competitive markets.  However, when done right, internet marketing can exponentially improve your efforts, send more customers through your doors, and gradually improve your profit margins.77

Marketing Plan Should Include A Blog

Blogging is a great way for a business to effectively market their product or service without spending a lot of money. There are many benefits of business blogging. Businesses that keep up with a blog can introduce their products or services to consumers and can better communicate their customers. In addition, businesses that blog can understand what their customers want and serve them better.knowledge

A blog, sometimes called Weblog, is defined as a web page that serves as a journal or diary for individuals. Most blog writers update their blog on a regular basis and writers often share what most interests them. Individuals are not the only ones that have found blogging beneficial. Businesses have learned that this new way to communicate is a good marketing tool for their products and services. Restaurant

Every company should consider have a regular blog for their businesses. Larger businesses may opt to hire a several special writers with certain areas of expertise to update their blog. A smaller company may have one writer that can effectively write about their product. The idea of blogging for any size business is to get the word out to readers. A reader who frequents a certain blog is more likely to share the blog with others. Also, blogging is a great marketing tool because it allows consumers to be better informed.

When a business chooses to blog, it allows them to introduce their product or service to consumers. Keywords and search engines help consumers quickly find the blog they are looking for with ease. For example, if a company specializes in making handmade jewelry and keeps a blog that is on a search engine, then that search engine would list their blog on a search. Blogging allows customers to research the product they are looking for with ease.

Companies that keep a regular can also use their blog to communicate with their readers and customers. There are many features that a blog site can offer that will allow a reader to enter comments and contact the writer. Companies that encourage their readers to leave comments can take the comments and improve their services and products. In addition, companies can email their customers back and let them know that they are interested in what they have to say. In addition, a company that uses blogging to market their service or product should always rely on an experienced writer to update the blog. Business blogs should be polished and easy to read.

Another good reason why businesses and companies should include a blog in their marketing plan is because a blog provides a unique way to understand what customers want. Companies that are in tuned with their customer’s needs and wishes can better serve them. Keeping an updated blog will initiate more customer communication that can help a company know right away how to improve. Blogs provide good public relations and are generally much cheaper to maintain than a regular web site. Also, a business that keeps a blog can reach out to other complimenting companies and link those blog sites together. This will help build readership and customers.

When setting up a blog for business purposes it is important to look for a blog-hosting site that can offer the right kind of features. Most businesses will use a site that can offer them more search engines and options to add links and URLs on their page. Free blog sites may not have the capabilities to offer as many features as the ones that charge a monthly fee. The search engine option is very important for a company that keeps a blog. This will ensure that readers can easily locate the company’s blog page. Also, a company setting up a blog should always keep the links and contact information within the blog current. A customer will not want to continue using a blog page that is full of broken links or outdated contact information. If a company relies on their customers to read the blog, then those customers will always rely on the company to make their blog experience a positive one.

Blogging can be a great marketing tool for any size business. It is important for businesses to realize that blogs are not a passing fad, but a unique way to interact with customers and gain recognition in a particular field. Thanks Again Cliff Petry