How to scale a Facebook Ad Campaign

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In this video Ben Malol will teach you how to scale a Facebook ad campaign using the manual bidding method.
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facebook ads شرح انشاء حملة اعلانية على Bilal Daifi
شرح عمل حملة اعلانية على فيس بوك من الالف للياء |2016 | facebook ads|2015
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Facebook Ads Case Study: My 10X Profit Ads Campaign

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If you want to grow your business, there is no source of customers that is more consistent and scalable than paid advertising. 

And while most people tend to focus their efforts on the acquisition phase of their advertising…

The most profitable phase to focus on is the loyalty phase.
And in my latest blog post, I’ll explain to you what the heck that even means…

And I’ll show you a case study for the campaign that’s made me $580,000 so that you can apply this strategy to your own business.

Video Highlights
1:08 The Prospect to Customer Journey
2:57 The Three Pillars Of Profitability
4:02 Tracking Funnel Engagement
5:20 The Loyalty Pillar
7:06 Loyalty Pillar Case Study
8:45 Ad Unit Targeting and Set-up
10:48 “Bought X but not Y” Segment
13:28 Communicating Based on Consumption
15:01 Facebook Video Ads Mastery
17:18 Engagement Audiences
19:44 Post Level Engagement Audiences
20:19 Questions & Comments
22:01 Post Purchase Engagement
23:24 The Skill Set of Mastery
24:25 Targeting Goes From Wide to Narrow
25:45 Setting up The Three Pillar Segments
28:10 Scaling a Winning Ad
29:13 ThinkActGet Podcast
30:15 Video Views .vs. Increased Website Conversions
33:10 Post Page Engagement
34:03 Zipify Pages
37:25 Optimizing for Conversion Events
38:35 Facebook Live .vs. Traditional Upload
39:43 Generating Phone Calls from Video Ads
40:49 Growing Your Instagram Following
42:21 Turning Live Casts into Ads
44:25 Zipify Pages Templates
47:05 The Six Week Sprint Management Course
49:20 Tips for Social Media
51:25 Facebook Video Ads for Affiliate marketing
52:11 Facebook Video Ads Mastery

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Advanced Facebook Retargeting Audiences: Up Your Facebook Ads Game With Custom Retargeting Audiences

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Most Facebook advertisers are missing out on this key source of retargeting audiences and lookalike audiences, but you get the inside scoop!

For a full tutorial on how to setup and run conversion optimized Facebook retargeting campaigns, go to this video:

When you are advertising on Facebook and paying per click, it is important that you are making the most out of every single click you receive. Creating custom audiences based on retargeting pixels and actions or conversions is key.

In order to successfully execute this Facebook advertising strategy, you must have your Facebook tracking pixel installed correctly. If you need help with this process, watch these videos, next:

Your funnel may include free level content, and opt-in page, a sales letter, a checkout page, a membership program, a high ticket product, a webinar, thank you pages, etc.

With an advanced advertising approach on Facebook, you are able to automate the process of delivering the next ad on Facebook for your visitors, no matter what the last action they took was.

In order to do this, you must use Facebook's advanced retargeting audiences and I show you how to set up those custom audiences in this video.

There is nearly an infinite number of combinations and options when putting these types of audiences together. I show the three most common and most valuable uses of this powerful Facebook advertising tool.

Whether you are retargeting your visitors who have opted-in, to display your product offer… Or you are retargeting blog visitors who viewed a specific post on a topic, with a 'content upgrade' offer to opt in for, when they get back to Facebook… These tools can make you into a marketing ninja.

The biggest upgrade to simply using and creating these custom audiences for retargeting is to then create look-alike audiences based on these custom audiences to expand your cold market audience, leveraging Facebook's data it retrieves and stores on every Facebook user.

Then, of course, you are able to exclude your retargeting audiences from these look-alike audiences, so you don't display the same add to the same person twice.

When you follow this strategy of creating custom Facebook audiences based on the actions you seek to retarget, The odds of your conversion rate increasing go up significantly.

Similarly,, when you use these retargeting audiences from Facebook to create new look-alike audiences, you are able to grow your cold traffic audiences for Facebook advertising beyond simply using interests… Which gives you a leg up on your competition!

If you want the basic Facebook custom audiences video, go here:

If you want my tutorial on how to advertise on Facebook, go here:

If you need help crafting great Facebook ads, go here:

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