Facebook Ads Case Study: My 10X Profit Ads Campaign

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If you want to grow your business, there is no source of customers that is more consistent and scalable than paid advertising. 

And while most people tend to focus their efforts on the acquisition phase of their advertising…

The most profitable phase to focus on is the loyalty phase.
And in my latest blog post, I’ll explain to you what the heck that even means…

And I’ll show you a case study for the campaign that’s made me $580,000 so that you can apply this strategy to your own business.

Video Highlights
1:08 The Prospect to Customer Journey
2:57 The Three Pillars Of Profitability
4:02 Tracking Funnel Engagement
5:20 The Loyalty Pillar
7:06 Loyalty Pillar Case Study
8:45 Ad Unit Targeting and Set-up
10:48 “Bought X but not Y” Segment
13:28 Communicating Based on Consumption
15:01 Facebook Video Ads Mastery
17:18 Engagement Audiences
19:44 Post Level Engagement Audiences
20:19 Questions & Comments
22:01 Post Purchase Engagement
23:24 The Skill Set of Mastery
24:25 Targeting Goes From Wide to Narrow
25:45 Setting up The Three Pillar Segments
28:10 Scaling a Winning Ad
29:13 ThinkActGet Podcast
30:15 Video Views .vs. Increased Website Conversions
33:10 Post Page Engagement
34:03 Zipify Pages
37:25 Optimizing for Conversion Events
38:35 Facebook Live .vs. Traditional Upload
39:43 Generating Phone Calls from Video Ads
40:49 Growing Your Instagram Following
42:21 Turning Live Casts into Ads
44:25 Zipify Pages Templates
47:05 The Six Week Sprint Management Course
49:20 Tips for Social Media
51:25 Facebook Video Ads for Affiliate marketing
52:11 Facebook Video Ads Mastery

Ezra Firestone
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