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Keyword Research For SEO | Boost Organic Search Traffic

Are you looking to learn keyword research for SEO? This video will walk you through the process; step-by-step. | Find additional help at

Do you know your target search engine optimization keywords and phrases? You've probably brainstormed a list of keywords with your team, did some research on your competitors' websites, or even better — you used a tool such as Google's Keyword Planner to research and identify your target SEO keywords and phrases. And after researching and identifying those keywords, you went ahead and strategically implemented them throughout your web copy, new blog posts, in white papers, case studies, and any other content that's on your website.

No doubt, identifying your initial SEO keywords and phrases is one of the most critical aspects of a successful search engine optimization campaign if you want to drive targeted search traffic to your website. After all, search engine optimization is one of the most effective and least expensive marketing programs nowadays.

But are you also taking the time to see if these keywords and phrases actually work for SEO Keyword Researchyou? Do you know how you rank for them and if they drive traffic to your site? In this complimentary 45-minute webinar you'll learn how SEO agencies research and identify "low hanging fruits" keywords and phrases. We'll show you in detail how to use Google Webmaster Tools to identify these keywords and phrases and we'll give you ideas on how to put them to work right away.

After attending this hands-on session, you'll know:

– How to identify the "low hanging fruits" SEO keywords and phrases
– How to pick and choose the keywords and phrases that will immediately increase search traffic to your site
– How to put the keywords and phrases to work for you
– And how to track and measure the success of your efforts

This online session targets anyone involved in driving organic search traffic to a website, including: business owners, marketing professionals, web designers, writers, etc. We also welcome fellow SEO consultants and agencies to attend this session.

About The Presenter
Chris Raulf, owner and online marketing expert at Boulder SEO MarketingChris Raulf is founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique online marketing agency located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The company assists local, national as well international clients with all of their SEO, social media and content marketing needs. Chris recently co-founded Piste Group, a business planning, marketing, sales and communication strategy consulting company and frequently presents and moderates marketing and business related events. Recently recognized by Professor Nitish Singh for sharing his knowledge and advice to help realize a best selling book entitled "Localization Strategies for Global eBusiness," he currently works on writing his very own book and is busy creating online marketing and SEO courses.

Chris has over two decades of hands-on search engine optimization, social media and content marketing consulting experience and the Online Marketing Institute added Chris to their "Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014" list. He gets a kick out of working with ambitious companies and he strongly believes that any company with a good product or service should take advantage of what the web has to offer in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. Find and connect with Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter

10 Disastrous Marketing Campaigns

I remember the days I was doing one of the biggest mistakes when choosing keywords for my Internet web site marketing.

Can you guess it?

It’s choosing the most popular keywords.

Do you make this mistake too?

Here are a few reasons why the popular keywords shouldn’t be considered for your Internet web site marketing:

Most popular keywords are getting lot’s of searches in search engines, thousands a day. By side these keywords have the highest competition to deal with.

Most popular keywords have big competition in pay per click advertising campaigns. The bigger the competition – the bigger the cost per click for the keyword.

Many marketers fall into the same trap: the most popular keywords get the most searches in search engines and pay per click campaigns.

“I will build my Internet web site marketing campaign on this and that keywords and get lots of visitors to my web site!.”


What you’ll get for sure is the biggest competition as if you will be dealing with many the same thinking marketers and marketing corporations (which have capital to invest in highly competitive market).

The more popular the keyword, the more bigger the competition.

Why not build your Internet web site marketing campaign on less popular keywords, keyword phrases?

You’ll get less competition and a real possibility to compete for your business.

There isn’t a solid method to choose the right keywords, however… One great rule of business explains the above said very clearly and it should be memorized as one of key rules while building your Internet business and internet web site marketing campaign.

Here it is:

“Search for the biggest demand and the lowest supply”

You can apply this rule when choosing your keywords. Search for the biggest demand keywords that have slightly low competition.

Memorize this rule and start applying it today and you’ll notice how this principle is critical and how greatly it will help you in your Internet web site marketing.


“Search for the biggest demand and the lowest supply”

From uncomfortably racist ads to a company that buried an entire city in balloons, we count ten marketing campaigns that failed spectacularly
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Mobile report business

Mobile report business explains-

Many local businesses put in a significant amount of time, money, and effort into traditional marketing methods that are declining in effectiveness. As a result, they ignore new-age ways to help them compete based on current consumer habits. Not only does this hinder their growth, but it sends more of their business right into the arms of their competitors who are adapting their marketing efforts to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

With competition tightening up in almost every market, local businesses are finding it extremely difficult to keep their existing customers and to bring in new ones. One severely overlooked method that is keeping many companies from reaching further success is Mobile Marketing.

In this report, we will discuss why Mobile Marketing should be a part of EVERY company’s growth strategy, as well as the different options available to them.
Continuous Growth in Consumer Mobile Usage
Consumer mobile usage has grown tremendously over the past decade. Everywhere you look, you can find consumers glued to their mobile smartphone devices.  However, most small businesses are still ignoring the fact that this increase in mobile usage calls for a change in the way they market to local consumers.
People today are attracted to convenience, and that is exactly what smartphones and tablets offer. Research suggests that 95% of smartphone users have searched for local products, services, and businesses on their mobile devices.
In fact, mobile search has grown substantially over the past few years. This means that people are now choosing their mobile devices over desktop PCs when it comes to finding local companies that have what they are looking for.
Further research has found that most of these mobile consumers cover a significantly large variety of niches when searching for retail stores; from fashion and beauty to electronics and cars.
This is why mobile marketing is such an important marketing strategy for ALL types of businesses today. Businesses that have already caught on to power of mobile marketing have seen an immense increase in leads and sales.
In fact, it was reported that $3.3 billion was spent in 2011 on mobile advertisements.  This amount is predicted to be around $20.6 billion in 2015. This is a major increase in ad spend over the course of four short years. device _mobile
Why are businesses willing to invest so heavily into mobile?
It’s because they finally understand that mobile marketing is key to eliminating any distance between them and their target audience. Mobile devices are as close as you can get to any consumer; everyone keeps them within reach at all times. No other form of marketing can claim this when it comes to reaching your target market effectively.
Reaching your customers and potential customers via their mobile devices offers a lot of benefits, such as the fact that mobile users are quick action-takers vs. people who find out about your business via printed advertisements, TV ads, newspaper ads and other traditional forms of marketing.
Furthermore, mobile marketing can lead your business to success simply because new forms of media are known to grab the attention of any consumer. Although different forms of mobile marketing have been around for some time now, it is still a “new” form of media because, as mentioned earlier, many businesses have yet to take advantage of it.
Here are some benefits of utilizing mobile to grow your local reach, generate new leads, and increase revenue.60
Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website
A vital part of targeting mobile consumers is to have a mobile-friendly website. In fact, before you do any type of mobile marketing, this should be a priority. Viewing a PC version of a website on mobile devices is extremely frustrating as it fails to offer an optimal viewing experience. They load slowly (if at all), require a bunch of pinching and scrolling, and most of the time, the user simply cannot find what they’re looking for.
Unfortunately, this is a huge turn-off to the mobile user, who will abandon your website immediately and move on to a competitor’s mobile optimized site. As a result, you lose a potential sale.
On the other hand, a mobile-friendly website will load fairly quickly on  mobile devices and will have an outstanding user interface that will give your visitors a hassle-free browsing experience.
There are two options available when setting up a mobile-friendly website: a stand-alone mobile site and a responsive mobile site. Both of them provide similar experiences to a mobile user, but possess different characteristics.
Stand-Alone Websites – A stand-alone mobile website is a brand new website specifically built for mobile devices. When people try to access a site from their mobile device, they will seamlessly be automatically redirected to the mobile version if there is one.
This is a good option for most businesses. While it is a different site, your logo and other branding information will all be kept to match your main website.
Stand-alone mobile sites are great because they are clean and only provide the information a mobile user would be looking for, such as your phone number, address, product and service information, etc.  They do not contain a lot of content, such as long text content or excessive graphics.
One of the most powerful features of mobile sites is that they contain large, thumb-friendly buttons that make navigation a breeze. This includes buttons to go to other pages on the site, as well as “click-to-call” buttons to help your visitors effortlessly get in contact with you.
Therefore, they help you convert mobile users into customers more easily because they’re concise and to-the-point.
Mobile Responsive Websites – A responsive design helps your main website adapt to whatever mobile device it is being viewed on. Whether it’s a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, your website will automatically be resized to fit that particular device.
If you do not want a stand-alone mobile site, you should at least make sure your website is mobile responsive. This is still much easier for the visitor because they can view and navigate your site more comfortably than a site that is not optimized for mobile viewing at all.
If your website is still not optimized for mobile, pull it up on your mobile device and see what happens; this is exactly what your potential and existing customers are going through.  Can you see how this is costing you business? In fact, 40% of consumers turn to a competitor’s website after a bad viewing experience and most of them vow never to return.
Benefits of Text Message Marketing
A valuable tool to have in your marketing arsenal is Text Message marketing. Predicted to be one of the most vital marketing strategies in the coming years, many businesses have decided to jump on the bandwagon.
However, a lot of businesses that could increase revenue via text message marketing have not even considered it yet.
There are several reasons to implement text messaging into your plans; the major one being that it’s highly cost-effective.
* The costs associated with text messages to your target audience are relatively less, compared to the costs of setting up a billboard or a TV ad.
* Text messages are delivered at the speed of lightning, with the average time being 7 seconds between sending and receiving.
* They are highly flexible and can be extremely targeted; you can either send a specific message to a small target audience or send a large amount of text messages to the entire local audience.
* The convenience of opting in or opting out of a text message subscription is simply wonderful; it is much easier to do so, compared to other media subscriptions.
* As stated previously, mobile phones are always in proximity to their users, making it easier for them to take action from a text message. This increases your conversion rates incredibly.
* Text messages are much more reliable when it comes to delivering it to users, compared to e-mails which include spam filters, restrictions etc.
* The abundance of mobile phones in U.S. alone gives you access to unlimited markets because mobile phone users represent all kinds of demographics. Regardless of his or her age, culture or hobbies, almost everyone owns a mobile phone.
With all these benefits, text message marketing can definitely help you keep your existing customers, as well as attract new ones. It is highly recommended to implement it into your business if it fits your type of company goals.logo-
Benefits of Using Quick Response (QR) Codes
Perhaps the most recognizable additions to mobile technology are QR codes; these are two dimensional bar codes that represent data viewable on mobile devices. They have been around for a while and were first used to identify different car specifications. Now, they are so robust that they can hold a wealth of information and can send users to various digital locations – making them an extremely powerful asset for any marketing funnel.
* A major benefit of QR codes is that they are easy to use for both businesses and mobile users. With a quick scan of with their mobile device, your audience can be re-directed to ANY online destination you choose.
* They are great for bringing more awareness to any type of marketing you may be doing. For instance, you can use them to send people to your website, coupon offers, online videos, social media profiles, email opt-in forms, and so much more.
* The possibilities are endless when it comes to where you can put QR codes to get them in front of consumers. You can place them on any of your marketing materials, your product packaging, inside your establishment, and so much more.
* QR codes can store huge amounts of data, which can be easily scanned and stored onto any mobile device. Remember, convenience is vital to most consumers.
* Businesses can reduce their marketing costs by allocating a QR code to their website – or any other online property.  They can instantly send more attention to those properties without the high costs involved in normal advertising methods.
* Creating a QR code is ridiculously inexpensive; that, coupled with the ease of tracking their results, aids in even further cost reduction for any marketing campaign.
* The versatility QR codes can provide is a major feature; they can store anything and everything when it comes to information. In addition to sending users to specific locations, QR code can help consumers store your contact information, store your address, dial a phone number or even send an email, simply through a quick scan.
* QR codes help businesses build a subscription list (email or text marketing) fairly quickly, increasing their overall profitability.
As you can see, QR codes can help you get more eyes on your business and help your audience take action much quicker than any other form of marketing.
Benefits of Having a Mobile App
Arguably, mobile apps are extremely powerful in the world of mobile usage.  However, many businesses have yet to consider a mobile app because they don’t think that it’s something that would benefit their audience. They also don’t realize that mobile apps can help them ultimately boost customer loyalty and sales.
* Mobile apps will help you build a healthy relationship with your customers, who would find it far more convenient to access your company’s information through his or her smartphone than a website.
* Having an app reinforces your brand image, letting the consumer know you are a well-established company that has invested in technology in order to perpetuate growth and provide convenience to consumers.
* Effective customer support is an essential service every business must have; a mobile app will help you provide customer support efficiently and quickly. 
* Mobile apps can also help you collect certain demographics such as location, gender etc. from your app users. This will help you analyze the kind of offers you can promote to your customers and services you can introduce in order to increase overall satisfaction.
The Value of Mobile Marketing
Overall, mobile marketing is continuously growing as several businesses, from small town shops to local magnates, are slowly adjusting their marketing strategies to fit the needs of mobile users.
There is enough research to support the fact that the number of people who frequently use their mobile devices to engage and interact with local businesses is at an all-time high. This is evident by the number of mobile users who are now habitually searching for products and services through their smartphones.
This is because most users find it a lot more convenient to use their mobile devices instead of computers, which normally takes time to start up and load. Not to mention the fact that most consumers are no longer sitting in front of the computer when they are in need of your services.
Half of all mobile searches result in some type of immediate action, meaning they either call you or visit you soon after having contact with your brand via their mobile device.
We are currently living in a generation that is innovative; it aims to provide people with comfort and reduce time consumption while accomplishing their goals and desires. Mobile marketing is a major catalyst that is helping today’s generation achieve its goals.
Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and this is what makes mobile marketing so effective; it connects your business on a personal level with the users. Not only does this strengthen your brand, but it increases conversion rates as well.
Tracking your mobile marketing efforts is easy compared to other forms of marketing; which is another reason to use it. Whether it’s a mobile website, text message marketing, QR codes, or mobile apps, you can track activity to see where you are winning as well as where you need to make improvements.knowledge
Getting involved with mobile marketing will pose a major threat to your non-mobile competition once implemented. Due to all of the reasons mentioned in this report, mobile-friendly businesses are in a position to reach more prospects, as well as convert more prospects in to paying customers. On top of that, mobile marketing provides a wealth of tools to keep your existing customers coming back.
Need you any more reasons to add mobile marketing strategies to your business? The diversity it offers, at such low costs, is a must-have for any company. Whether you are looking to start up a brand new business, which targets a specific market, or you currently operate a well-established company that is well-known to local audiences, it is necessary to realize the impact mobile can have on your success.
If you would like further info related to mobile marketing, do not hesitate to contact me; I will answer any questions you may have. If you already know you are ready to get started, I can help you with that too.
I can be reached at cell # 785-850-1327 I would love to discuss your ideas and help you develop a plan that will help your business get more exposure, more leads, and more sales. Sincerely Cliff Petry

Mobile Apps lead generator

The Mobile Apps lead generation fever

Mobile apps are great generators of leads, used as tools in the marketing world. Many of them are helping companies to make money, while at the same time they are actually helping them to also get new customers. Some mobile apps are developed to bring entertainment, while others are providing useful products that draw potential customers to the company that created them. There are millions of types of mobile apps and that gives your business millions of chances to grab the attention of potential customers in many ways. You have to form a good marketing strategy that incorporates some type of planning that doesn’t leave out the use of mobile apps or your company will be left behind in today’s world where one in four people are shown to either have a smartphone or have access to them, and that total is going up everyday all over the world.

How do Apps Benefit Customers and Companies?

In fact, even though the apps meant to provide games and entertainment were downloaded and purchased by users, the companies that saw the most gain in new customers were the ones that produced the apps that were useful to their clients such as those that helped with pricing, shopping, using their products, etc. This showed that a business can get new leads and make new sales through producing a mobile app that somehow draws their customers or potential customers to them by showing them how the company can help make their life easier through their mobile apps. These apps also were the ones that connected with existing databases where the user’s contact info was stored and gave new customers a chance to also opt in to their newsletters, etc. In this way a brand can be furthered by the company generating a mobile app that uses that brand to meet a customer and even future customer’s needs. This is especially true if your app is one that your customer relies upon in their daily lives. This can be true of an app such as one that helps them to daily planning such as grocery shopping lists, or other activities.

Ways to Advertise Your Brand Through Mobile Apps

There are many ways that your mobile apps can be used to generate new leads that can sometimes turn into potential customers. These include incorporating things into your mobile apps like ways for your clients or potential ones to reach your business. One of those things is a QR code.
A QR code can be printed onto everything that you produce from newsletters to business cards and even placed in emails or on the packaging for your products. You can create an app that can be downloaded via these apps that people can load into their smartphones. These could be as simple as a quick advertisement about your products or services or a simple little fun game that somehow incorporates an opt-in form for people to fill out to get more information. These types of simple mobile apps can do a lot more for your business than may first seem apparent. Plus, they are simpler for your IT teams to develop and create. If they are interactive and fun, then you will easily interest people in downloading it into their phones and once they have done that, you have a good chance that they will become future customers or clients.

effective strategies
Mobile App Strategies
Make Your Mobile Apps Fun and Part of Your Marketing Campaign

The important factor in using mobile apps to generate leads is to plan out your marketing campaign so that it is fun and will entice people into downloading and using your app. You also must make the app useful and interesting to your customers. These things are what can help you to generate leads through the use of mobile apps that meet your customer’s needs. Then your company will get the credit and your business is likely to be referred to their friends and so on and that’s how new customers are made.

The bottom line is not to forget about the power and importance of what mobile apps can do for your business and for your customers. When used properly, mobile apps can both meet your customer’s needs and help you to get new ones. Mobile Apps lead generator report by Cliff . Free Training Mobile App

Mobile App Strategies

Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies

Highly Effective Mobile Apps Strategies. With nearly everyone carrying a smartphone these days, all businesses need to have mobile apps as part of their marketing and business strategies. But just having a mobile app or two isn’t all a company must do in order to get more clients and keep ahead of their competitors. Learning mobile app strategies is not that easy. So take you time with the learning process.

They also need a list of highly effective mobile apps strategies like the following:

effective strategies
Mobile App Strategies

Use Social Media Correctly

By now, most business owners will have figured out that engaging in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google Plus is vital to their marketing strategy. This applies even more when we are talking about mobile apps.

Twitter is a big winner An experiment by Nike shows that Twitter is a major contender when it comes to mobile apps. Nike decided to give an app to customers who had been tweeting about their athletic activities. After two weeks, they discovered that they had received more than three clicks for each outbound tweet, twice as many positive reviews in their app store, and the same amount of downloads as they had previously gotten on one of their biggest paying channels. That shows that Twitter is a valuable social media site to market your next mobile app!

Facebook Of course

Facebook is also extremely vital to most marketing campaigns. If your mobile app has anything to do with a new movie, a TV show, or a game, then studies have shown that Facebook marketing has given these types of apps a major boost in popularity, which can turn into more clients and profits for the company making it. The morale of the story? Don’t neglect social networking when developing your mobile app strategies.

2. Tell people about your company or brand Potential consumers usually look for new apps to try while they are browsing inside one of the major app stores. So, that makes it vital to optimize your brand’s presence in the app store you use for your mobile apps. For instance, you should ensure that you have picked a good name, as well as choosing an icon people will remember.

You also need to experiment with different categories and different
kinds of keywords when you list your mobile app’s category inside the app store to make sure it has a good description that will attract potential clients. You also have to use this opportunity to tell the story of your brand so your potential customers will know and trust your company and want to try your latest mobile app offering. This will help make your brand more human and that can lead to people trusting you more and thereby wanting to download your apps.

3. Word of Mouth is not dead Besides telling your potential customers about yourself from inside the app store you use for your mobile apps, be sure to tell it in other ways. If you can get your current customers to talk about your new mobile app and your company, that is a great form or marketing. People are more likely to trust their friends who have already used some of your products when they tell them to download your app rather than trusting you if your company isn’t a national one known and trusted by everyone already. To do this you have to do things like make suggestions for your current customer to put reviews and ratings for your product onto the review area of the app store, on your website, Facebook page, etc. Remember to Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies. mobile device ear buds

Plus, they are likely just talking to others about it too, which will also help you to build your brand and sell your mobile apps.

Study the behavior of your clients It is vital for businesses to know their targeted audience and to engage them in any way they can. The business must know the habits of these customers and potential customers in things like knowing the kind of smart phone they use, what operating system they prefer, etc.

For example, a business professional is likely to use a mobile device like a tablet more so than a teenager, who will want a phone that can play games and text and go online to interact with his or her friends.

All in all, the main thing you want to be able to do is give your customers a mobile app that provides them some sort of entertainment or gives them an app that makes their lives easier or more productive. Remember, above all your client is the key to your future success in the world of mobile marketing. Get the app created today with the complete series. Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies with Cliff. More mobile apps?