How to Write SEO friendly Blog Posts – From Content Curation to Proofreading

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#SEO_Blog_Posts How to Write SEO friendly Blog Posts – From Content Curation to Proofreading
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SEM RUSH Tutorial: SEO Keyword Research, Link Opportunities for Beginner SEOS

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SEM Rush tutorial – Best Keyword Research Tool – Easy SEO Link Building – SEM Rush Demo – Safe Guarding Rankings Tip – Start an SEO Consulting Business.

PBN Vendors, How to Scale a Private Blog Network Easily –

Leave that day job already & start an SEO consulting business – At Dynamik 365 we're here to guide you each step of the way.

In this video Dino Gomez takes you out to Mexico on an inflatable raft because he's crazy. And then he introduces you to SEMRUSH & demonstrates how to uncover great keywords, find link building opportunities, tips you off on how to safe guard rankings, & more.

This video is for beginner SEO Consultants who want to learn an easy and effective way to do keyword research.

Particularly one of my favorite tools to use is SEM Rush. A lot of SEOs don't really know the power of SEM Rush so in this video I show you a few ways to use this powerful software.

PBN Scaling Tips – Easy MGT –

This is not something you'll see Alex Becker show you at Source Wave or that anyone has covered in super depth outside of the legend himself, Ryan Stewart.

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The Best WordPress Plugins 2019. In this video, I share my favourite WordPress plugins. I've tried to cover all the essentials as well as a few others that I think you'll find useful.

Get links to all the plugins here:

More useful stuff I mention in the video:
Happy Forms Tutorial:
SEO Tutorial:
Add an XML sitemap and submit to Google:
Best WordPress Hosting guide:
Add a sitemap page:
Add Social Sharing Buttons: (sorry, it's a bit old. New version coming soon.)
Add a cookie consent message (iubenda):
Add a privacy policy:

Here's all the plugins featured in this video:

1. Duplicate Post
2. Analytics – Monster Insights
3. Forms – Happy forms / Gravity Forms
4. SEO – Yoast SEO
5. Speed – WP Fastest Cache
6. Page Builder – Elementor
7. Backups – Updraft
8. Akismet
9. Redirection
10. Simple Sitemap
11. Easy Social Share Buttons
12. Efficient Related Posts
13. Iubenda
14. Maintenance
15. Tablepress
16. Really Simple SSL

The one that didn't make the cut (my mistake) is Duplicator which is handy if you're moving your website. Full video on it here:

Let me know your best WordPress Plugins for 2019 in the comments!

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Google Ads Tutorial For Beginners 2019 – Google AdWords Tutorial For Search Campaigns

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Check out our Google Ads Tutorial 2019 for Beginners. Our Google AdWords Tutorial is updated for 2019 and we cover everything you need to know about creating your first Google Ads search campaign. Google Ads can be very difficult to figure out, especially when you are just getting started. Some of the things we cover for Google Ads include conversion tracking, setting up your Google Ads account, using Google Ads rather than Google Ads express, connecting your Google Analytics account, creating a Google AdWords campaign, setting up your campaign to drive sales and leads, creating ad groups, targeting keywords, keyword match types, location targeting, creating ads, bidding strategies, and publishing your campaign.

Google Ads Tutorial:

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It can be challenging when you are getting started, so hopefully our Google Ads Tutorial gives you all the information you need to get started. We highly recommend watching the video all the way through because we packed it full of details and information that you need to know.

We started by setting up the Google Ads account, which was a common question we received from our previous tutorial. We set-up a brand new account for our website. You also need to make sure you set-up a Google Analytics account for your website as well, which is a very simple process. Once you have your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts created, you want to link them through the Linked Accounts button under the Google Ads Tools button at the top. Once you have your accounts linked, you will have Auto-Tagging enabled in Google Ads, which allows you to track your campaigns in Google Analytics.

Next, we go over conversion tracking. You first need to create Goals and Conversion Goals in your Google Analytics account. You can create ecommerce goals or create goals based on several other factors. For example, you can track forms, video views, giveaway submissions, transactions, and more. Once you have Goals created in Google Analytics, you can import your Goals into Google Ads, which will allow you to do conversion tracking for your campaigns. Conversion tracking will help you optimize your Google Ads campaigns and get the most out of your budget.

Once you have your accounts linked and conversions imported into Google Ads, you are ready to create your first search campaign. You want to go to the Campaign screen and click on the button to add a new campaign, then select Search campaign, and set your goal of Sales, Leads, or Website Traffic. We usually choose sales or leads because it will let you optimize your budget and your campaign.

Then, you can start setting up your campaign by naming the campaign, choosing your budget, adding additional audiences, choosing your location targeting, language targeting, bidding strategy, and setting up Google Ads Ad Extensions like Sitelink Extensions and Callout Extensions.

Next, you will start setting up your Ad Groups. You can optimize for a great quality score and Ad rank by setting up organized Ad Groups and an organized campaign. The better you group your keywords into Ad Groups, the better the user experience you are giving to potential customers. We talk about Keyword Match Types like modified broad match, broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords.

We set-up all of our Ad Groups and then click continue to start creating our Ads. You will be setting up Google Search Ads and we recommend created 3 ads for each ad group. Once you set-up your ads, you can click submit and your campaign will be created. Our preferred bidding strategies are Target CPA bidding and Target ROAS bidding.

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