How To Create Fiverr Gig Image And SEO Part-1

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This is Fiverr Gig Image SEO Video.

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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2019 – 7 Tips

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Learn 7 fundamental tips on how to grow your YouTube Channel fast in 2019. Sean Cannell and I discuss the fundamental elements in growing a YouTube audience fast.

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Marmalead Tutorial (Etsy SEO tips and tricks)

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Marmalead Etsy SEO Tutorial with Tips and Tricks to get more sales on Etsy.

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Help with Promoted Listings (3 parts)

More Marmalead Tips:

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How to SEO eBay Listings Using Terapeak – Rank 1st Page of eBay Searches

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How to SEO Optimize an eBay Listing Using Terapeak


Want your eBay listings to show up on the first page of eBay searches?

Showing up on the first page of eBay searches is critical to your listings being seen. Ranking higher in search will allow you to sell more items, sell your items for higher prices, and will increase your sell through percentage and overall seller metrics which will in turn help you sell more.

I find that Terapeak is critical to this strategy, the Terapeak SEO tool as well as the in depth product reasearch you get helps you get all the relevant info you need on the best keywords to use in your listings, the best day of the week and time of day to list, and so much more.

Many factors play into eBay search ranking such as your feedback score, seller metrics, and sell through rating and sales rank, however you can improve your listings search performance greatly by using the right keywords and following other eBay best practices on your listings.

Have a question on how to use Terapeak or how to be a better eBay seller? Just drop a comment below and I'd be happy to answer or make a video showing you what you want to know.

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