How to Setup Your Google Local Business Listing

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John Fraser a StreetView Trusted Photographer specializing in 360º Panoramic Photography that provides a virtual tour online on Google Maps and Google Search — shares how he Sets up a business's Google Local listing on Google My Business. It's critical that you fill out the profie completely so that Google will give you some love when people are searching for the categories that you offer.

“Google” Called You About Your Business Listing Round 2

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If you, a client, or someone you know has ever received a call from anyone stating they are with Google and they can "help" your business this hangout is for you.

Problem 1:  Business owners are contacted by these "Agencies" representing themselves as being associated with Google when in reality they are not. 

They are famous for their robo calls and inability to "prove" that they can do what they claim and scare a business owner into thinking that if they don't use their service they will lose out online.

Some claims that I've received personally are:

– We can get you on #1 of Google
– We can get you on #1 of Google Maps
– We can optimize your Google Analytics
– Your listing is not optimized on Google and  you are being penalized.

I've heard of various claims and thought this was just a problem in the US but realize that this is an international problem.

Problem 2: The agencies that are qualified to service a business and actually have the training, experience and approval of Google by way of certification or proven
track record on Google like members of the Google Partners Community lose out before they every get a chance.

By the time these agencies drain the business dry and they don't actually help a business when they try to seek someone who can actually fix these problems the legit agency loses out before they ever get a chance.

Problem 3: Once the business has been burnt and Google themselves via the Google Partners Community sponsor events like the Google Partners Connect for AdWords and YouTube won't even listen because they "think" the legitimate agencies are lumped in with the non legit agencies and again the business loses out again.

A few months back +Russ Cote a fellow Google Partner here in the Google Partners Community posted about this same subject and inspired a hangout I hosted about this exact problem. 

Might add that Russ had some really good insights about how this affect Google Partners and basically negates all of the work we do.

Here is the original hangout:

"Google" Called You About Your Business Listing"

Russ and I are working on a website together where these companies can be reported but we have a bit more work to do before it can be promoted but should be done in time for: 

Hangout: Round 2: "Google" Called You About Your Business Listing Hangout

Event Link:

Date: July 16th, 2015

Time: 2 PM EST, 11 AM PST

Mark Your Calendars, RSVP Yes Or Maybe to watch the live event or watch the replay, and hope to see you there!

Guest Speakers Will Include:

Russ Cote, Google Partner

Google Partners Ambassador Eric Gehler
Google Top Contributor Joy Hawkins

If you have questions or comments please post them to the event page.

Join Us In The Green Room After The Live Broadcast. Link Will be Shared During The Event.