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Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies

Highly Effective Mobile Apps Strategies. With nearly everyone carrying a smartphone these days, all businesses need to have mobile apps as part of their marketing and business strategies. But just having a mobile app or two isn’t all a company must do in order to get more clients and keep ahead of their competitors. Learning mobile app strategies is not that easy. So take you time with the learning process.

They also need a list of highly effective mobile apps strategies like the following:

effective strategies
Mobile App Strategies

Use Social Media Correctly

By now, most business owners will have figured out that engaging in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google Plus is vital to their marketing strategy. This applies even more when we are talking about mobile apps.

Twitter is a big winner An experiment by Nike shows that Twitter is a major contender when it comes to mobile apps. Nike decided to give an app to customers who had been tweeting about their athletic activities. After two weeks, they discovered that they had received more than three clicks for each outbound tweet, twice as many positive reviews in their app store, and the same amount of downloads as they had previously gotten on one of their biggest paying channels. That shows that Twitter is a valuable social media site to market your next mobile app!

Facebook Of course

Facebook is also extremely vital to most marketing campaigns. If your mobile app has anything to do with a new movie, a TV show, or a game, then studies have shown that Facebook marketing has given these types of apps a major boost in popularity, which can turn into more clients and profits for the company making it. The morale of the story? Don’t neglect social networking when developing your mobile app strategies.

2. Tell people about your company or brand Potential consumers usually look for new apps to try while they are browsing inside one of the major app stores. So, that makes it vital to optimize your brand’s presence in the app store you use for your mobile apps. For instance, you should ensure that you have picked a good name, as well as choosing an icon people will remember.

You also need to experiment with different categories and different
kinds of keywords when you list your mobile app’s category inside the app store to make sure it has a good description that will attract potential clients. You also have to use this opportunity to tell the story of your brand so your potential customers will know and trust your company and want to try your latest mobile app offering. This will help make your brand more human and that can lead to people trusting you more and thereby wanting to download your apps.

3. Word of Mouth is not dead Besides telling your potential customers about yourself from inside the app store you use for your mobile apps, be sure to tell it in other ways. If you can get your current customers to talk about your new mobile app and your company, that is a great form or marketing. People are more likely to trust their friends who have already used some of your products when they tell them to download your app rather than trusting you if your company isn’t a national one known and trusted by everyone already. To do this you have to do things like make suggestions for your current customer to put reviews and ratings for your product onto the review area of the app store, on your website, Facebook page, etc. Remember to Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies. mobile device ear buds

Plus, they are likely just talking to others about it too, which will also help you to build your brand and sell your mobile apps.

Study the behavior of your clients It is vital for businesses to know their targeted audience and to engage them in any way they can. The business must know the habits of these customers and potential customers in things like knowing the kind of smart phone they use, what operating system they prefer, etc.

For example, a business professional is likely to use a mobile device like a tablet more so than a teenager, who will want a phone that can play games and text and go online to interact with his or her friends.

All in all, the main thing you want to be able to do is give your customers a mobile app that provides them some sort of entertainment or gives them an app that makes their lives easier or more productive. Remember, above all your client is the key to your future success in the world of mobile marketing. Get the app created today with the complete series. Mobile App Strategies Highly effective strategies with Cliff. More mobile apps?

High quality mobile app tricks!

Mobile App Tricks High quality mobile app tricks!

High quality mobile app tricks!


High Quality Mobile Apps Tricks

If you are getting ready to develop a mobile app for your business, then you will want to be sure it is of high quality and will meet your customer’s needs, as well as bring in some profits for your company. In order to assure that occurs, here are some mobile app tricks and tips: device _mobile

  1. Be sure that you hire high quality employees. If you want to produce a quality product, then it’s logical that you must have top employees to help you to do it. For instance, when creating a new mobile app, it always should be bug tested. This needs to be done by skilled and experienced experts.  A true expert gives very clear steps and does more than just tell you what is right or wrong with the app, they give context and that makes all the difference in getting bugs fixed properly.

Don’t Test Your App Without a Plan.  All companies should also have a plan of action for testing a new mobile app. It’s not a good idea to launch an app to your customers without a through test. This test must be written by the app developers so it will contain relevant information from someone who totally understands your app from the inside out.

For example, every aspect of a new mobile app must be looked at, including Wi-Fi usage, usage during Airplane Mode, using it when you suddenly get a text message, etc. Think of every possible scenario that your users could place the app in and test them. This way you won’t overlook anything that could go wrong.

3.   Make Sure the App Description fits the App

This may sound obvious, but it really isn’t in all cases. If the name of your app and its description in the app store don’t give the correct or main information concerning how the app works and what it is good for, chances are the customers may not always know what to expect or if they should download your app. This could lose you customers or even make some of them frustrated or angry if it doesn’t do what they expect it to do.

4. Make sure the App is User Friendly

Even if an app works perfectly and has the correct name and description, if it isn’t user friendly you will lose clients who won’t trust you in the future. If the user can’t navigate it very well, or it looks too slowly, or they have to go through so many steps to get it running that they lose interest, then even if it’s an app to cure cancer or help them make a million bucks, they won’t take the time to find out. Be sure to completely get your app user tested via things like a forum group or other methods.

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High Quality Mobile Apps Tricks

If you are, for instance, creating a mobile app that is supposed to work on the Android operating platform, it needs to work on all versions of the Android operating system. This may sound crazy, but not all customers or potential customers upgrade their devices or buy the latest and greatest mobile device. They may not have the budget to cover it, or they just like their device and don’t want to go through the hassles of learning a new operating system. Ensuring it works on all versions will give you more potential customers and won’t frustrate your current customers who have an older operating system.

5.   Make Sure Mobile Apps Fit the Needs of Your Target Audience

Any marketer knows that in order to do a proper job of selling your products and services that you must know exactly who your target audience is. This is the same truth for all mobile apps! If your target audience is, for instance, the under 25 years old crowd looking for cheap car insurance, then giving them a mobile app that shows tips for seniors to get better deals isn’t going to do them any good at all.

The bottom line is that you must be willing to test, meet your customers’ needs, and make sure your mobile apps are working properly with no bugs and on all versions of an operating system. Great Video and PDF Training

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High Quality Mobile Apps Tricks